Boudoir Portrait Experience

On Location Boudoir Experience – A Client Perspective

I typically write my own blog posts but this time it is written by one of my clients. On the walk back to the car after this shoot we were going over the day and how it played out and I just knew I wanted her to tell her story. Let’s just say as much as you plan, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but at the end what you get is something so much more memorable. I love that you get to hear the behind-the-scenes stuff, the emotions and feelings and overall the outlook you would never get from me…………please enjoy her experience. You never know, next time it could be you!

Having been a previous client I kind of knew what to expect for a boudoir experience. What I didn’t reckon on was Mother Nature…..

I had made all the arrangements with Sharon and was looking forward to taking the ‘Boudoir Experience’ outside, at a location that had been local to me all my life! I was nervous but the excitement had begun the day before.

I had packed my changes of clothes, bikini, t-shirt, and cocktail dress, and I had discussed with Sharon previously about using a sarong for a flowy look, which I packed just in case, but Sharon suggested using part of her client wardrobe in the style of voile. I liked this idea having used it before.

I had my nails painted to match my bikini and wax completed 3 days prior. We discussed that shoes were not going to be used in the shoot, so flip flops would be a good option to traverse the stones. I was all set!

The morning arrived, I got up early ready to do a sunrise shoot, opened the curtains. The heavens were pouring, and the wind was howling!!! My heart sank. Sharon was amazing, she calmed me down and suggested sunset instead. With fingers crossed for the weather to turn we adjusted the plans.

Afternoon came and the sun was shining, however the wind was still blowing a hootie! What to do? I spoke to Sharon, and we decided to go for broke. We met at the set time and made our trek to the location. I was hoping that the cliff would shield us from the wind. No such luck!

We tried to find the most sheltered spot, it was a struggle to stand up at times and not get blown over whilst balancing on a rock! I am sure a couple of locals walking their dogs wondered what on earth we were doing, but I was having so much fun and laughing that I wasn’t worried about onlookers, especially when I laid down in a rock pool with my sequined cocktail dress on. They probably thought I was mad!

The whole experience blew away the cobwebs and left me feeling exhilarated. I love being by the sea and it makes me feel the freedom that I don’t get during my work week. I am very appreciative of the planning and adaptability Sharon provided to gain the images she has so professionally produced.

Like the experience and the final images I am blown away and the experience has given me the confidence to explore another on-location shoot.

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Boudoir Portrait Experience


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