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The Folio Box – The Little Box of Secrets

As a small girl, did you ever have a box where you kept all your treasure? Whether it was a beautiful jewellery box, the top drawer of your dressing table or a shoebox under the bed, I think many of us had a place where we would keep the things we treasured most. I would always have a seashell amongst my treasures, as the beach has always meant so much to me. I think I may still even have mementos from the first concert I went to. Whatever you had they are special to you and create a story of your memories and your life.

As we get older these items change, as mums we collect artwork that our children create, maybe special items that have been passed down through the years, but they are still memories to look back on with fondness. Now imagine at 80 you pick up a box and you look back on yourself in younger years and think, ‘Wow! I looked amazing’, not only that, you will remember the experience and think how great you felt too.

I am a sucker for collecting memories. I often wonder in years to come when I am long gone what my future generations will make of my keepsakes and look at my boudoir pictures and thing “Wow’” or “Oh my!”, that puts a smile on my face for sure.

The Folio Box, or as I like to call it, ‘The Little Box of Secrets’, is just that. A box full of your favourite images from your Boudoir Experience. The great thing, that I love, about these boxes are that each image comes mounted, so you can bring your secrets out to share whenever you want. Its like an album that turns into wall art whenever you want it. Whether on the wall, or with the add-on ledge or easel option, they can be displayed anywhere.

Each box is customised with your choice of fabric and colour options to co-ordinate with your Boudoir Session, or location of storage. Each box holds up to 20 of your favourite images to treasure for years to come. Available in 3 size options.

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Boudoir Portrait Experience


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