Boudoir Portrait Experience
Boudoir Portrait Experience

Taking it outside

Taking advantage of what Mother Nature offers adds another dimension to your boudoir experience and your images. Allowing the sunlight to kiss your body, whilst using the outside canvas to complement the personality of your portraits.

Do you love the outdoors, have a connection with nature, or have a place that is special to you?

I can hear you now…”Is she asking me to go outside in my underwear?” Hell yes! Our On Location Experience is like jumping out of a plane. You think you can’t do it but actually you can. It uplifts you, empowers you and there is no better feeling of achievement, it is exhilarating! That being said, it is not for everyone, and you do not always have to be in your underwear.

Here is what Ms R said about taking it outside, ‘Never did I imagine it was going to be the perfect therapy that I didn’t realize I was needing. Behind the lens Sharon made me feel confident and self-empowering. The original wall of nerves I built for myself of being outside a photography studio quickly faded, I was comfortable, and I was brave. The overall experience was so uplifting, and I feel so strongly that it has to do with Sharon’s ability to understand exactly what women want.’

I can promise you this, you will look back on your outdoor experience with pride and remember how amazing you felt.

Outdoor experiences are very limited due to the planning and weather. We offer one per month from May to September, with current availability for August 2023 and summer 2024.

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Boudoir Portrait Experience


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