Boudoir Portrait Experience
Boudoir Portrait Experience

Boudoir dressing, from fingernails to toenails

Boudoir is not all about how you look, but ultimately about how you feel. The experience is empowering, and feeling your best is part of that process.

As women, when we go out for a night on the town, the night starts as we get ready, and boudoir is the same. Part of that includes your nails. Who likes their nails to match or coordinate with what they are wearing? Yeh! That would definitely be me. In fact, I don’t feel dressed up if my nails aren’t painted, but I appreciate not everyone feels like that.

Just know, your hands and feet will be featured in your images, so treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure before your experience ensures your nails look clean and healthy. Whether you opt to do this at home yourself or opt to relax in the luxury of a salon environment, the choice is yours.

Clare, from Mirror Image Nail Artistry and Training says, “There is nothing a set of fresh nails can’t fix! This is something myself and my clients whole heartedly agree on! Having your nails done can be just the thing that puts you back on top of the world! It makes women feel confident and gives them pride in their appearance. The mental benefits of a nail treatment are as equal to the physical! It is time that we solely dedicate to ourselves.”

If you want your nails to make more of a statement, the options are endless, and every colour makes a statement.

From the classic look of a French manicure to the subtle tones of nude, bring versatility and femininity to accent any look. A French polish stands the test of time, always looking modern and contemporary.

Always consider your wardrobe options when considering a colour on your nails. Rich merlot red tones and deep aubergine purples add sophistication and generally complement most darker outfit options. Foxy red is just that and certainly has a statement all of its own.

In more recent years, glitter and gems have become more popular and definitely add an element of glam to any look. Trendy shapes and bedazzles are fun, but just don’t let your nails outshine you if you do opt for something exciting and fun.

Ask yourself, will you still love them in 5, 10 or 20 years time? Would a classic option be better for you, or a clean and healthy look? Maybe you are up for an option that is going to shout your personality from the roof tops. I can’t wait to see what you chose.

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Boudoir Portrait Experience


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